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Safety on the water is everyone's responsibility.

Together We Are Saving Lives

The Safe Boating Campaign is a worldwide effort focused on responsible boating led by the National Safe Boating Council with support from boating safety advocates around the world. At its heart, the Safe Boating Campaign is a grassroots effort that collaborates with partners to share about safe boating in their local communities through events, social media, workshops, and more. It is produced under a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The National Safe Boating Council provides partners with many free and paid resources – such as brand, logo, talking points, suggested social media posts, template announcements, fact sheets, videos, photo library, posters, public service announcements, banners, launch point signs, and life jacket loaner stand artwork.

Keep reading to learn how to get started as a Safe Boating Campaign partner!

Here's How

1. Register

Organizations may register to be listed in our online partner database. If you’re an individual interested in supporting your local Safe Boating Campaign effort, please contact your local partners.

2. Plan Outreach

Review the sample partner plan to guide your local efforts. From social media to local events, there are many things you can do to share about recreational boating safety. And, we have the marketing materials to help you get started!

3. Recruit Volunteers

Encourage others in your organization and community to support your efforts. Please follow your organization’s policies for  recruiting and working volunteers. Volunteers may also opt-in to receive email updates from the Safe Boating Campaign.

4. Request Logo

The National Safe Boating Council provides a co-branded Safe Boating Campaign logo for registered partners. We’re thankful for our many partners around the world, so please keep in mind the turnaround time for your logo may be up to 4 weeks.

5. Participate in Events

Join the worldwide celebration with two annual events for the Safe Boating Campaign. Each year, the third Friday in May is Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, immediately followed by National Safe Boating Week the third Saturday – Friday.

6. Discover Resources

Downloadable marketing resources are available free of charge and may be shared far and wide. Due to the high number of partners, we do not co-brand these resources. Please contact us for a quote for additional marketing support.

7. Order Resources

We provide banners, flyers, launch signs, t-shirts, and more in our online store. These may range from free to deeply discounted items. Only available while supplies last. Be sure to check your email and follow us on social media for the latest.

8. Media Best Practices

We encourage our partners to follow media best practices for photo and video shoots, advertisements, packaging, written materials, social media posts and other collateral to support a safe boating culture.

9. Take the Pledge

We recommend all boaters and passengers not only have a life jacket, but wear it at all times while boating. Regardless of your age or experience level, the data shows that life jackets save lives. Take the pledge to always Wear It while boating.

10. Follow on Social Media

We love all things boating and interacting with our partners and boaters on social media. Follow us on Facebook, X, and Instagram to learn the latest on resources, find safe boating tips, and enter contests for a chance to win a prize.

Important Information

Brand Guidelines

As a Safe Boating Campaign partner, you are equipped with a recognized brand and resources to use in your local community. By signing up as a partner, you agree to uphold the integrity of the Safe Boating Campaign brand and messaging. In addition to our library of resources, we encourage you to create your own resources in accordance with the Safe Boating Campaign brand guidelines.


Downloadable resources are available for free and may be shared far and wide. Due to the high number of partners, we do not co-brand these items. If you are interested in co-branding or marketing support from our Outreach Team, please contact us for a quote. If you are looking to purchase printed items, please visit the NSBC Online Store. And, be sure you’re signed up for our emails as we periodically offer free or deeply discounted items!

Event Toolkits

Safe Boating All Year Long

Boating isn’t just for the warm months, with boaters in many areas on the water throughout the year. In our Resources library, you’ll find Event Toolkits to help you plan for boating throughout the year, Wear Your Life Jacket At Work Day, and National Safe Boating Week.

Life Jackets for Every Boating Activity

The best life jacket is one you will wear! Accidents on the water happen too quickly to reach and put on a stowed life jacket. There are many life jacket styles for every boating activity. Read the label to make sure it’s appropriate for your activity, try it on for fit, and wear it! Learn more about life jackets.

Many lives have been saved throughout the world by boaters who did the responsible thing and wore a life jacket. Browse these real-life accounts of boaters who have been Saved by the Jacket.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Safe Boating Campaign. Can’t find an answer? Please contact us.

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