A 7-year-old Boy in Florida Swam for an Hour to Get Help for his Dad and Sister who were Stranded in a River

Saved by the Jacket

7-year-old boy, Chase Poust, in Florida is being hailed a hero after he swam ashore to get help when his sister and dad got swept away by a current. Steven Poust told CNN affiliate WJXT that he anchored his boat on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, to let his two children, Chase, 7, and Abigail, 4, swim, on Friday.

Drifting downstream, Poust jumped in to try and help them, and told Chase to swim to shore while he tried to reach his daughter, who was wearing a life jacket.
It took Chase an hour to get to shore floating on his back and doggie paddling so he wouldn’t get worn out. When he reached land he ran to the nearest house for help.
“We had every resource we could have possibly had coming quickly and we’re happy to say all three have been recovered, and all three are doing well,” he said. “We couldn’t ask for a better outcome.”
Source: cnn.com
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