Fall Fishing Safety Tips

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Fall is here! It’s time to cast a line and relax amongst the beautiful change of seasons. Whether you’re fishing from a boat or shore, keep reading for our top safety tips.

  1. Wear It! Wear your life jacket every time you’re on or near the water. 
  1. Dress for submersion. Accidents happen – be ready to take an unplanned fall into the water.
  1. If you’re on a boat, be careful to not fall overboard. Take precautions such as not overloading your boat and not standing up too quickly.
  1. Prepare! Before going to your perfect fishing spot, check the weather and make a plan. If it’s going to be cold, pack extra layers! In addition to that, pack food, water, and anything else to help you have a comfortable day.
  1. File a float plan. When you’re prepping for the day, be sure to outline your plan. Text it to some friends or family that aren’t coming out with you. Just in case!

Find more safety tips in the Safe Boating Campaign Fall Toolkit.