‘Roughest Water I’ve Seen,’ Says Citizen Hero of Edmonds’ Marina Beach Water Rescue

Saved by the Jacket

It started out as a fun Labor Day weekend excursion for Mark Langmas of Everett, but ended with way more excitement than he’d bargained for when he found himself thrown into the middle of Monday’s water rescue just off Edmonds’ Marina Beach.

“I’ve been boating all my life, and been out in a range of conditions,” he said. “But honestly, this was the roughest I’ve ever personally experienced. Those waves were 8-10 feet and really choppy.”

“Then all of a sudden there were five folks in life jackets right in front of me — if I’d been 100 yards either way I would have missed them,” he added.  “It was just luck of the draw that I saw them at all.  I never saw their boat — it was gone.”

Source: myedmondsnews.com

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