Hovercraft Helps North Muskegon Firefighters Save Time in Emergency Rescue Situations

Saved by the Jacket

Every minute matters in a cold water emergency. Unfortunately, in West Michigan, it’s not unusual when an individual finds themselves trapped on the open water while ice fishing. Recently, in Muskegon, it was a hovercraft that made a common occurrence a story of survival.

Chief Ogren described the process to get an individual to shore as a two-man job. The rescuer dressed head to toe in protective gear, ready to wade in the water if need be. The hovercraft flies in at speeds up to 65 miles per hour to about 50 feet away from the victim. The rescuer then gets out and makes contact with the individual, hooking them up to a rope or a life jacket. The pilot will then make their way closer to pick the victim up.

Source: fox17online.com

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