A Growing Number Of New England Lobstermen Wear Life Jackets While At Sea

Saved by the Jacket

More lobstermen in New England are wearing life jackets while they work.

It’s thanks to a research project from the Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety. Over the past few years, researchers surveyed and recruited 181 lobstermen to test out different styles and used their feedback to redesign the jackets so that they worked for their needs.

In all, the project distributed 1,087 new life jackets.

Beth Casoni, executive director of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, said she’s already seen a shift in the attitude toward life jackets.

Source: wbur.org

“I know a lot of guys are wearing them, and they’re proudly wearing them,” she said. “Many of our members purchased them and are looking to purchase more for their crew going forward because it’s such a critical component to safety.”

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