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• An approved lifejacket is required for all persons on board a boat. Each person must have a device of the appropriate size available to be worn. (Special attention should be paid to the GOOD FIT of infant, children and youth devices).

• All materials, attachments, straps, buckles, zippers, handles, etc., must be serviceable and free from damage, fading or wear that could affect the function of the device.

• Some devices must be worn in order to be considered approved for carriage requirements.

• Properly worn means with all buckles and/or zippers engaged and adjusted for good fit.

• Inflatables must be properly armed with full gas canister and inflator mechanism in good condition. Status indicator (when supplied) should be visible on the front of the device.


All lifejackets should be air dried completely before being put away for next use. Sunshine can have a damaging effect on materials, weakening their structure –sometimes invisibly. Mold and mildew can also damage materials and also make a device unpleasant and unhealthy to wear.

Follow manufacturers instructions (including label) for the care of your device.


Dirt can be gently cleaned with a cloth and mild soap. DO NOT use dry cleaning chemicals that may dissolve fabrics and components.

Follow manufacturers instructions (including label.)


Inflatable Maintenance

Read and follow manufacturers instructions for the care and maintenance of inflatable devices.

Service professionally at recommended intervals.

Dry fully before repacking (according to instructions). Deflate using oral tube.

Rearm immediately after use involving discharge of gas canister. Always have a replacement canister available.

Check inflator status before wearing.



Follow manufacturers instruction.


Each season check out your inflatable device in the water using both inflator and oral tube. Check for leaks in the water according to manufacturers instructions.

Follow manufacturers instruction regarding professional servicing at regular intervals.

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