Winterize Your Boat

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Winter is coming fast – and, with that, you’ll need to winterize your boat before freezing temperatures come. Winterizing your boat will save you a headache when you take your boat out next spring or help to keep you boating all winter long.

  1. Drain – Drain all water from the engine, tanks, plumbing, and hoses. Don’t forget the bilge drain plug!
  1. Protect – Apply corrosion protection to your engine and add antifreeze to the plumbing systems. 
  1. Remove electronics – Remove your boat battery and any other electronics. This will help to preserve the life of the battery and electronics.
  1. Repair – If any parts of your boat need to be repaired, doing so before the next season will help you get on the water quicker!
  2. Store – Cover your boat or place it in winter storage.

Thanks to the freezing temperatures that come with winter, water poses the biggest risk. When winterizing your boat, you should focus most on any system that can hold water – this includes the engine, fuel systems, and plumbing systems. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for winterizing your boat.