Satellite Access Smartphone – iPhone 15 Capabilities

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At the Safe Boating Campaign, we are committed to sharing boating safety information that will help make the waterways a safer place. It’s our goal and responsibility to equip you with the knowledge to make safer boating decisions.

It’s often said that ‘communication is key’, and that’s extremely important on the water too. Whether you’re filing a float plan with someone you trust, registering your EPIRB or PLB, or making sure you have two forms of waterproof communication – we are always communicating. The advancements in modern technology continue to help us become safer boaters.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models come standard with Satellite Access to emergency services. This means they have communication capabilities built in that will allow you to share your location or text emergency services via a satellite connection, should an emergency arise. Having this available at your fingertips could be another opportunity where advancements in technology steadily contribute to safer boating.

When no cellular network or Wi-Fi coverage is available, then an emergency 911 call or text message can be completed using the Satellite connection. In addition, the iPhone 14 will allow you to place your Medical ID information in the health app. When an emergency call or text is completed, the Medical ID can be shared immediately when using the ‘share during emergency call’ feature.

Remember, continue to always carry two forms of communication that will work when wet while boating. You always want a back-up communication device in case another device is lost or not working. This iPhone feature will not replace your EPIRB, PLB, or VHF radio, but is a great addition to the communication toolkit.