Safe Boating Campaign & COVID-19

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Dear Safe Boating Campaign Partners,

With the ongoing coverage surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, our top priority is to keep our Safe Boating Campaign partners around the world safe. Historically the NSBC has developed resources for partners around the world to use in their local grassroots efforts and encouraged local participation in events such as National Safe Boating Week, Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, and Ready, Set, Wear It Days.

In following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the NSBC encourages partners to postpone or cancel all large gatherings until otherwise notified by your state or local officials. For event guidance related to COVID-19, please visit:

Smaller gatherings may be acceptable if proper risk reduction methods, including proper handwashing and social distancing, can be done. However, event organizers should consider the safety of ALL participants as their top priority and follow the recommendations provided by the CDC and local officials.

The NSBC encourages partners to communicate with their local community via social media, newsletters, local newspapers, and other digital communications about recreational boating safety. During this time of social distancing, new and seasoned boaters may be out on the water. Please visit our Resource Kit for free social media images, videos, posts and other content.

Select free resources, such as brochures, stickers, pledge cards, wristbands and other printed giveaway items are delayed due to stay-at-home orders impacting warehouse distribution and delivery.

We’re all in this together. I encourage you to monitor for updates and additional digital resources. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns at



Yvonne Pentz
Communications Director
National Safe Boating Council