Ready, Set, Wear It! Results Coming Soon

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Thousands participated worldwide in Ready, Set, Wear It! A Life Jacket World Record Day, organized by the North American Safe Boating Campaign. This event is part of the campaign’s efforts to promote boating safety and voluntary, consistent wear of life jackets while boating. From marinas to in-store events, Ready, Set, Wear It! took a fun spin on communicating boating safety with the public.

The National Safe Boating Council hosted their local Ready, Set, Wear It! event on Saturday, May 20 at Cabela’s in Gainesville, Va. There were 159 participants at the National Safe Boating Council’s event alone – and many more participated at over 250 events held worldwide!

A heartfelt thank you from National Safe Boating Council to everyone who participated in this year’s Ready, Set, Wear It! The world record to break for the most life jackets worn in one day is 10,917. The final tally of worldwide participants is being calculated and will soon be posted on and, so stay tuned!