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We’re grateful for partners of the Safe Boating Campaign. Recently we interviewed Safe Boating Campaign partners Captain John Dial and Sophia Palmeri with At the Helm Training to learn more about their boating safety outreach efforts. At the Helm Training aims to make boating safe, one lesson at a time, and is a leading provider of personalized boat training and professional boat delivery anywhere in the United States and the Bahamas.

Outreach efforts this summer included collaborative social media posts with other boating safety organizations, distributing informational materials, and raising awareness about safe boating practice at events. Their greatest accomplishments over the summer included launching an online boating safety ID course through Boat Ed, as well as raising awareness of safe boating practices on social media in partnership with The Qualified Captain. You can follow At the Helm Training on social media at @atthehelmtraining.

Sharing about the importance of wearing a life jacket is an important aspect of At the Helm Training’s outreach during on-water education, social media, and at local events. Their captains lead by example by always wearing a life jacket. This approach fosters a culture of responsibility and preparedness among boaters. The team noted, “We believe that education is key to preventing accidents, and life jacket safety is non-negotiable for everyone on the water regardless of boating experience.”

The team mentioned they can share many local stories of life jackets saving boaters from a capsize or sinking vessel. “These stories highlight the importance of this simple yet lifesaving practice and serve as powerful testimonials to encourage others to prioritize safety on the water.”

At the Helm Training has also partnered with the National Safe Boating Council as the premier sponsor of the upcoming 2024 International Boating and Water Safety Summit. This annual conference brings together boating safety advocates from around the world to learn, collaborate, and network to improve recreational boating for all boaters.

For boaters local to Stuart, FL, you can learn about At the Helm Training by stopping by Sunset Bay Marina to meet the team. Their programs equip boaters with the knowledge and skills necessary for a safe and enjoyable boating experience. Boaters can even take a boating safety course on their own boat with one of At the Helm Training’s National Safe Boating Council certified instructors.

With over 50 captains, At the Helm Training is dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable boating environment for everyone through ongoing education, community engagement, and collaborative efforts. At the Helm Training shares with other Safe Boating Campaign partners, “Your support is instrumental in achieving these goals, and we look forward to continuing our journey towards creating a culture of safer boating practices!”
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