Partner Profile: Jeff Moag, Water Sports Foundation
This blog post is part of a series celebrating the remarkable work of our Safe Boating Campaign partners! We interviewed Jeff Moag with the Water Sports Foundation (WSF) to learn about their boating and life jacket safety efforts. WSF is the non-profit extension of the Water Sports Industry Association founded on the premise that “a safer boating culture saves lives and that more should be done to reduce senseless boating casualties.”
Tips for Boaters this Labor Day Weekend
The Safe Boating Campaign, a worldwide effort focused on responsible boating led by the National Safe Boating Council, shares key tips for boaters to responsibly enjoy the high boating-traffic Labor Day weekend.
Partner Profile: Theresa DaBiere-Craig, the Sean Craig Memorial Fund Inc.
Each year, Safe Boating Campaign partners around the world work together towards one goal of helping create a safe boating experience for all boaters. Partners serve and educate their local communities by hosting events, safety trainings, and other various outreach programs and efforts. Theresa DaBiere-Craig and her team at the Sean Craig Memorial Fund are some of those special partners who deserve recognition for their outstanding work this summer in reaching their community in upstate New York.
New Podcast, Good Jibes
Good Jibes is a partnership with our friends at Latitude 38 Magazine and Ryan Foland with the Safe Boating Campaign, and it brings to life the world of sailing through the eyes of a West Coast sailor. If you are into sailing, or curious to learn more, check out the first three episodes below. You can hop on board and subscribe!
Safe Boating Campaign Challenges Boaters to ‘Wear It’ for Chance to Win a Prize
The National Safe Boating Council, the lead organization for the annual Safe Boating Campaign, encourages boaters to wear a life jacket and submit a photo or video for a chance to win a prize – and be featured in a public service announcement! Entry rules and additional information is available at
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Celebrate 50 Years of Boating Safety on August 10th
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971 on August 10th!
Free Outdoor Signs
Safe Boating Campaign outdoor signs box sets are available for FREE for a limited time while supplies last! Shipping and handling is on us.
How to Trailer and Launch Your Boat
The ability to tow your boat allows you to explore our nations waterways. Trailering your boat takes practice and preparation – are you prepared?
Think of Andy When You Boat
The Free family urges boaters to be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Traveling at slow speeds, or idling can cause carbon monoxide to build up on the boat. The same applies to a tail wind, which may blow exhaust towards passengers. If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, seek immediate medical attention.
Pledge to Always Wear A Life Jacket
Be an example and saves lives. Pledge to always wear a life jacket while boating.

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