New Podcast, Good Jibes

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We have great news! The Safe Boating Campaign has sponsored a new podcast, Good Jibes! And we have officially launched! It is a partnership with our friends at Latitude 38 Magazine and Ryan Foland, and it brings to life the world of sailing through the eyes of a West Coast sailor. If you are into sailing, or curious to learn more, check out the first three episodes below. You can hop on board and subscribe!

  • Episode #1 with John Arndt: Latitude 38 Publisher, John Arndt, and fellow sailor and host, Ryan Foland, share how Latitude 38 came to be, John’s favorite parts of sailing, and what to expect in future episodes. This episode covers everything from John’s love of sailing to the most exciting parts of publishing Latitude 38.
  • Episode #2 with Charlie Deist: A master-level MovNat trainer, Charlie Deist, is interviewed by fellow sailor, host, and Latitude 38 crew member, Nicki Bennett. They cover how to be efficient with your natural movements, find your strength as a sailor, what to do when your engine cuts out, and why sailing is for everyone. This episode covers everything from MovNat to improving your overall sailing skills.
  • Episode #3 with Chuck Hawley: This episode’s host, Ryan Foland, is joined by Chuck Hawley to discuss being a first-timer, safety tips, and the joys of sailing. Chuck was Chairman of the US Sailing Safety-at-Sea Committee, has sailed over 40,000 miles on a range of vessels and worked for West Marine for over 30 years. Hear how to approach your first offshore race, why it’s okay to be intimidated, how to find your community of sailors, West Coast vs. East Coast sailing, and how Chuck turned a depressing race into a joyful journey. This episode covers everything from Chuck’s storied sailing career to getting your captain’s license.

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