National Safe Boating Week is around the corner

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On May 19, the 60th annual National Safe Boating Week kicks off, and the message is all about boating safety. We are passionate to educate our communities about safety. It saves lives!

Join us in our mission to spread the safety message by planning an event in your community to educate others about boating safety. More than 45,000 people around the world have participated in fun, family-friendly events to bring awareness to safety issues. Click here to learn more about planning your event.

Here’s a sampling of upcoming events:

May 18: Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day – Boaters are encouraged to wear their life jacket to work, snap a picture and share on social media with the hashtags #lifejacket2work and #safeboating.

May 19-25: National Safe Boating Week – This annual awareness boating safety week is the kickoff for the yearlong Safe Boating Campaign.

May 19, June 9, July 7, August 11: Ready, Set, Wear It events – All who enjoy boating can participate in one of these four events to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a life jacket and available life jacket styles. Go ahead, grab your life jacket and find resources to plan a #RSWI2018 event in your community at (Be sure to register your awesome event and take and share photos!)

Safe boating!