Join us on August 11 to spread the word about boating safety

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It’s not too late to get involved in the Safe Boating Campaign! Grab some friends, your life jackets, and get ready for some #safeboating fun on the final Ready, Set, Wear It event of the summer on August 11. Ready, Set, Wear It events raise awareness about the importance of always wearing a life jacket while boating. More than 45,500 people around the world have participated in these events since 2010.

Make a difference and join us by hosting a Ready, Set, Wear It event in your local area. Here’s how:

  1. Recruit people to help you plan and organize the event.
  2. Register your event at
  3. On August 11, gather your group and have everyone inflate their inflatable life jackets or wear inherently buoyant life jackets to promote boating safety.
  4. Be sure to take a group photo and share it with us at @SafeBoatCampaignon Facebook or @BoatingCampaignon Twitter.

Safety takes only one minute, but the reward lasts a lifetime. Join us in promoting safety around the world on August 11!