Getting Started as a Campaign Partner

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Safe Boating Campaign partner! Each campaign partner is unique in how they lead efforts in their local community to encourage responsible boating. Following are a few ways you can get started as a Safe Boating Campaign partner. We encourage you to use our free resources to customize a campaign for your community.

1. Register as a campaign partner.

Register at Become a Partner to be listed in our online partner database. While registering, be sure to opt-in to receive our email updates for the latest information about the campaign. Already registered? Find your listing and email any edits to

If you’re interested in volunteering to support your local Safe Boating Campaign effort, search for partners to contact in your local community in our online partner database.

2. Read the Resources Kit and explore

The Resource Kit and include many ideas and resources for you to implement in your local community. Be sure to browse the Resources page. All resources are available for free.

3. Mark you calendar with important dates.

  • Wear Your Life Jacket at Work Day | Friday, May 21, 2021
  • Ready, Set, Wear It Life Jacket Events | Date you select
  • National Safe Boating Week | May 22 – 28, 2021
  • Other Local Event Opportunities | Varies

4. Request a co-branded Safe Boating Campaign logo.

The Wear It logo is designed to accomodate co-branded initatives – be it state, city or other municipalities/groups. Please note that on co-branded logos, the tagline has been modified to “In partnership with the National Safe Boating Council.” It is important to not reproduce the Wear It logo with your entity; rather contact us at to request a free custom logo. We do this to ensure brand equity.

5. Plan

From hosting a booth at a local community event to organizing volunteers at launch point – from placing public service announcement (PSAs) in local communities to participating in local media interviews – and from sharing infographics and boating safety facts on social media to talking with community groups about the importance of safety on the water – our Safe Boating Campaign partners use the free resources in the Resource Kit and on to share about responsible boating in their community. The Resource Kit includes a Sample Partner Plan that may be customized for your local community.