Get the Most Out of Fall Boating

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It’s not too early to begin planning for fall boating! The first day of fall is just 2 weeks away, and fall is one of the best times to go boating. Here’s why:

1. Fishing and hunting. Fall is one of the best times for fishing and hunting. Fish are migrating and feeding in preparation for winter, and waterfowl hunting is underway.

2. Fall colors. Beautiful autumn foliage outings are always special, but when seen from a boat, the experience can be magical. Check out these 10 beautiful spots from our friends at Discover Boating.

3. Layers, layers, layers. Wear layers when boating in the fall, and always bring an extra set of clothes in case you get wet. Remember, never wear your life jacket under your jacket. Make sure you and your passengers are always wearing a life jacket while boating.

4. Sun protection. As we move into cooler temperatures, don’t forget sun protection. From long-sleeve UV resistant clothing to sunscreen, make sure you’re prepared for a day on the water.

5. Education. Get back to learning this fall by brushing up on your navigation knowledge, or becoming a NSBC certified Instructor. Learn about training opportunities from the NSBC.

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