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Are you looking for recreational boating educational resources? Look no further than the Safe Boating Campaign resources.

Communication efforts strive to enforce that responsible boating is fun and encourage more people to get out on the water with important safety tips such as always wearing a life jacket, never boating under the influence, taking a boater’s education course, and more. A variety of resources, such as ads and other signage, infographics, videos, fact sheets, audio clips, images, social media posts, and more are available FREE of charge to our partners around the world.

We look forward to another great boating season, leveraging the successful messages of the past and adding new tactics like the “Wear It Out” campaign to reach an ever-broadening audience of boating participants. Wear It Out strives to make life jacket wear a normal part of the lives of boaters and others who spend time on the water. Using a fun and aspirational tone, the campaign encourages boaters, paddlers, anglers, hunters and anyone who enjoys recreational water activities to embrace their passion, show off their experience and encourage others to make life jacket wear the norm.

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