Boating with Dogs

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Spending time on the water creates lasting memories – especially when boating with your best friend! Safety for everyone – including your four-legged friend – needs to remain the top priority. Whether it’s your first boating trip with your pup or you’ve been boating with dogs for years, these helpful tips serve as reminders to keep everyone safe.

Familiarity: Make sure your pet is acquainted with the vessel before heading out on the water.

Life Jackets: There are several dog life jackets on the market today, but it’s important that you find one that fits properly and has enough buoyancy to keep your dog afloat. They come in various sizes that often range from XS – XXL.

Boat Ramp Safety: Carefully observe the dock configurations to determine how your pet will safely board the vessel. You want to avoid having them walk on hot concrete, unstable floating docks, and the boat ramp itself. Carry pet shoes and a portable non-slip mat to provide ease of access for your pup when boarding. It’s recommended to keep your dog inside your vehicle with the A/C running until the boat is docked and ready for boarding. Keep your dog on lead and safely walk them to board the boat. Make sure all parties have on a life jacket before boarding.

Hydration: Just like humans, dogs need plenty of water to stay hydrated especially in hot boating climates. Take a water bowl that your pet it familiar with to maintain a level of comfort and ensure they will drink water.

Environment: Create a dog-friendly environment on board your vessel. Make accommodations like adding a canopy or bimini top for increased shade, install non-slip decking, and keep all fishing lures securely stored in a locker.

Don’t forget these helpful tips next time you’re heading out to enjoy time on the water with your furry friend! All great memories on the water begin and end with safe boating. Happy boating!