Angler’s Near Tragedy Inspires Boating Safety Messaging

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Every year, when Hunter Bland joyfully celebrates Jan. 27, 2018, he also somberly recalls Jan. 14, 2017.

The former was the day he married his wife, Mariah. The latter was the day that nearly prevented the wedding — and a lifetime of memories.

Suffice it to say, the angler from Williston, Fla., values his marriage and the life he now lives, but he also appreciates his role in teaching folks how to avoid boating accidents like the one that nearly ended his life.

“I was only engaged for a month when that accident happened, so I almost never saw my wedding day,” Bland said. “I was young and tended to think I was invincible, but you realize things like your wedding day and just spending time with friends are really special, so that’s how important it is to boat safely.”

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