‘100 Days Wild’ Star Adam Frye Reveals the Big Moment That Wasn’t Caught on Camera

Saved by the Jacket

Adam Frye is one of the stars of Discovery’s “100 Days Wild” where 7 people come together to build a self-sustaining community in Alaska. “Up there, especially in the second half of the time that we spent there, every night could be considered a near-death experience quite honestly, because it was between -30 and almost -60 every night,” he shares. Luckily, Frye had the tools he needed to keep himself safe – and it mostly boiled down to just three items. “The three biggest items that saved my life were my life jacket, the fire kit that I had in my life jacket, and my sleeping bag,” he said. Discovery’s “100 Days Wild” premieres on Friday night at 9 pm ET.

Source: radio.com

Image Source: tvshowsace.com

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