Ready, Set, Wear It planning checklist

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Use this helpful checklist as you plan your Ready, Set, Wear It event! Find more resources at, and join the discussion on social media with hashtags #RSWI2018 and #safeboating.

  • PLAN: Determine the date, location and intended audience. Suggested locations are marinas, launch ramps, retail stores, parks, community festivals, and more. Is your event for the general public? Is it appropriate to invite local government officials? Would media be interested? Ensure location accessibility and check hours of operation. Is the location large enough for the anticipated number of participants? Is there a space for a group photo opportunity?
  • REGISTER: Register your event at
  • PROMOTE: Share about your event with others in your community that support boating safety. Contact your Boating Law Administrator or Boating Education Coordinator for assistance. Encourage local retailers that sell life jackets to offer a sale leading up to and during the weekend of your event! Remember to share about your event at least 2 weeks in advance with local media.
  • ESSENTIALS: For the day of the event, make sure you have a banner or other signage, camera and video camera (or a volunteer photographer/videographer), boating safety information, and most importantly, the official Ready, Set, Wear It sign-in sheet! Remember to remind all participants that photography and video will be taken at the event. By participating in Ready, Set, Wear It, participants are allowing their photo/video to be used for event promotional purposes.
  • REQUIRED: If there is WiFi or cellular data available at your event location, please use the official online sign-in form (you must enter your unique event code each time someone signs in for your event – this was emailed to your with your event confirmation). For paper sign-in forms, please be sure to provide all information requested. Sign-in forms and photos will be used to tally your event participation tally. Remember, everyone that signs-in must be in a group or individual photo. We highly encourage you to use the online form!
  • PHOTO: Designate a spot at your event for a group photo if possible. Remember, everyone should wear a life jacket (even pets too)! Whether folks are wearing an inherently buoyant or inflatable life jacket, you can countdown your photo with “Ready, Set, Wear It” instead of “3, 2, 1.” After your event, you will receive detailed instructions for submitting your photo(s) and sign-in form from
  • IMPORTANT: For each participant that signs into your event, there must be a corresponding photo to count towards your tally of participants wearing life jackets. Group photos are great! Or, if your event is casual with folks coming and going at different times, take their photo in a life jacket at the sign-in table. You will receive detailed instructions after your event for submitted your photos and sign-in form.
  • GET SOCIAL: Please share about your event on social media! Tag the Safe Boating Campaign (Facebook: @Safe Boating Campaign, Twitter: @boatingcampaign) and use the hashtags #RSWI2018 and #safeboating.
  • REMEMBER: Browse for free downloadable resources to plan your event – official sign-in sheet, media advisory, press release, posters, and more!
  • AFTER THE EVENT: You will receive detailed instructions for submitting your photo(s) and sign-in form from Please direct any questions to